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How to Join

How to join Wallingford Toastmasters!
Once you’ve you decided that Wallingford Toastmasters is the perfect club for you, there are just a few steps to become a member:

  1. Attend a meeting – Before the meeting starts, the VP Membership will provide you with a guest kit containing a Toastmasters Membership Application.
  2. Complete application – The VP Membership can answer any questions you have when filling out the Toastmasters Membership Application.
  3. Submit application & payment – Dues are collected every April and October. If you join in a different month, your dues are pro-rated. See this page which shows you the cost to join by calendar month. Any club officer can help you to calculate the cost to join. (Write checks to Wallingford Toastmasters). Now you’re a member!
Some Wallingford Toastmasters Members

Some Wallingford Toastmasters Members

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